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Information Booklet

The Master Plan Delhi 2021 has been made to make housing for the people of Delhi. The individuals who have left the land due to the hike in the price of the housing societies must be returned to their land. But in the recent day, there is a new rule. This new rule has been formed by the members who have the potentiality in the real estate market. This potential member is going to form an association. This association must be made under a solo name. This name is known as Vaikunth Multistate Co-Operative Group Housing Society Limited.

This Multistate Co-Operative Group Housing Society is a part of the Vaikunth Delhi Gateway which is shaping in a broader way. The main axiom of the association is to form a planned and managed land pooling system in the L Zone of the state. According to the rules the Real Estate (Regulation & Development) Act. 2016 is not notice. In this new rule, there is no specification of the things regarding the sell and buy of the lands. This new rule has been made so that the other and the upcoming housing estates in Delhi must get the approval of the Real Estate Regulatory Authority which is established under Subsection (I) of Section 20 of The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act 2016.